Rental Information

The Bus Stop Theatre is a Black – Box, Performing Arts, Rental Venue.

Quick Facts

  • Multi-configurable space
  • Suitable for music, theatre, film and other performance events.
  • Bookings are handled first come, first serve basis
  • Can be rented by the day, Week, or hour
  • Seats 70 patrons
  • Capacity is 149 (performers and staff included)
  • Technician time included in contracted rentals

Something fun

Check out this cute time lapse video showing how the space is converted for various uses.

Cinema, Theatre, Concert Hall, Bus Stop.

Rental Contract & Rates

We can handle licensed and unlicensed events. There is a separate contract for each. Pricing and rental details are found in our standard contracts which can be found below.

Technical Information

For additional information about sound and lighting equipment, seating and risers, floor plan, and performance space specifications check out the technical information page.

Bookings & Available Dates

Our rental calendar can give you a sense of what dates may be available.